Welcome to Lyd's Page for Palmetto Lifeline Sponsored Walk

Its that time of year again Peeps, where you start to think about how to reinvest that tax refund you will soon be getting. and what better way than giving back to your community and helping to save the lives of abandoned and homeless pets who dont have anywhere to go or anyone to turn to. Will you be their friend in time of need? Will you be the one to help to save them from a terrible fate?

Have a looksy at this and see if you cant spare $5 or $10 to save these cutie pies. These are some of the fosters that I have looked after over the last year.

Pawmetto Lifeline has saved hundreds of dogs and cats over the last year and probably thousands since I have been fostering for them, through several different programs that they have going in the community. Their spay and neuter program has probably prevented many thousands more from winding up as strays or abandoned pets. Please help support their efforts. They really are a worthwhile cause and I will do what I can to support what they do. Please help me to do that by sponsoring me to walk on their behalf.

cheers and high-paw from your future saved animals,