What a Donation to my Bark to the Park Team Means

So, most of you that have made it here to read this probably already know most of my fostering history, but I want to share here how those experiences were made possible.

The four fosters that stand out the most in the group of 125+ that I have fostered in the last 3 years are very different but each have made a huge impact on my life - Anabelle, Saint, Lio & Duddles - truly a "who saved who" situation with each one!

Pawmetto lifeline took in each of these furbabies for different reasons and they all ended up being very expensive rescues that we wouldn't trade for anything -

Anabelle - she was meant to stay with me for 2weeks and then head up on to a no-kill rescue up north, but instead she had to be quarantined at Pawmetto Lifeline for 4 months because she'd been exposed to a dog with rabies. In short, that meant pawmetto had to house and feed that growing nugget for all that time and had no commitment for her at the end of it - that's risky and expensive, but Pawmetto commited to her and now she's my world!

Saint - she was just a wee thing with no signs of trouble when she came to Pawmetto, but little did we know the hard road ahead of us. at 12weeks she started to lose all her fur and her feet started to crack and things just weren't right. As the weeks passed, suddenly she couldn't keep food down and she was losing weight so quickly that there were mornings I was scared to check the pillow beside me bc I was sure she didn't make it through the night. We fought so hard for every good day with her and in the end gave her 9mos full of love, kisses, lots and lots of holding and hundreds of dollars in medical care to make sure she was comfortable and able to eat and live the fullest life we could give her as a pup with dermatomyositis and megaesophagus.

Lio - he's the current longterm lovebug in my hope! Most people know that Lio came to us at Pawmtto at just 3yrs old, but completely broken mentally because his owners had taken him to multiple sessions of a doggy bootcamp that used inhumane tactics to "train" him. An intense resource guarder without great social skills, Lio ended up spending years at PL being adopted and returned. He has now been a Pawmetto Lifeline resident for over 4 years. He's been at my house a cumalative 5.5months and has learned tht humans can be trusted to not harm him and that we won't take him food even if he messes up! Lio will always be a very special pup with very specific owner requirements (as long as you can follow a few rules, life with Lio is problem free), so finding his forever home is a lengthy journey but Pawmetto has committed to that journey with Lio and that means paying for his food and medical for the longterm.

Dudley! - the most purehearted kitten you will ever meet - that's our Duddles! He has Cerebellar Hypoplasia and we are still working on sorting out his medical, but Pawmetto is commited to this little kitty! He came to us from a feral colony and his CH symptoms revealed themselves pretty quickly, and we knew it would be a bit of a mountain to climb to figure out what his little life was going to look like - but yet again Pawmetto said YES, we commit to Dudley for life! #cuddles_with_duddles

As you might've put together from my stories - Pawmetto takes on some heavy cases and commits to the animal 100% for life and this can sometimes (unexpectedly) get very pricey which is why fundraisers like Bark to the Park are so important to the very existence of Pawmetto Lifeline and the lives of special ones like Anabelle, Saint, and Lio.

There are so many animals that with the help of your donation, we can pull from certain death and give them a real chance at a forever home!

A donation of any amount means furry faces - like these four that have changed my whole world 4 times over - will be rescued!

Did you know that $125 saves the life of a homeless pet currently in our local municipal shelters!?! Help me save some pups and kittens today - every dollar saves lives!