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Bark to the Park 2017

Cold Nose Kids

Hello Everyone,

Please help me to help them! (Donate and/or join my team). Seriously no amount is too small, as it all goes towards saving lives and adds up.)

As anyone who knows me, knows that animals are my passion. Animals are innocent and rely on the kindness and generosity of humans for their care and survival and in turn they give unconditional love.

Sadly, many times these special spirits are failed by humans and here is my chance, along with my friends and family to help them get the chance to live and prosper and a chance at a good life! Thank you!

Donate to my Bark to the Park walk team and save homeless pets in the Midlands! With more than 5,000 companion pets losing their lives each year in just our two counties, we need to work together to make the Midlands a no-kill community! Your gift will help us get one step closer!
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