Bark to the Park 2018

Help us save more pets through fostering!
Help us save more pets through fostering!

Fabulous Fosters

Pets end up in shelters and rescues because their relationship with their former humans was somehow broken. Sometimes this occurs through some tragedy that separated them from a loving home. However, sometimes it happens because the pets did not receive training or well managed.

The Fabulous Fosters Team is a team of individuals who foster homeless pets for Pawmetto Lifeline or support fostering of homeless pets. 

There will never be a facility big enough to accommodate shelter animals in need. Pawmetto Lifeline animals are rescued from local municipal animal shelters to avoid euthanasia and placed in foster homes where foster parents dedicate their time, skills, and love to give a temporary, and sometimes long term, foster home to homeless pet.  Without their dedication, thousands of pets would not have made it out of the shelter and lived to join a new family and home.

Please join our team! And if you cannot join us, please support the team by donating! Thank you!!

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