Bark to the Park 2018

Flannery's Critter Crew

I am a regular volunteer and foster through Pawmetto Lifeline. Newton in the picture was my 19th foster and coincedentally a foster fail, meaning I kept him as my own. Pawmetto is an amazing rescue and I love the work they do for our community. They pull animals from local Richland and Lexington county shelters. They take in abused and sick animals and take care of them no matter the cost and work hard to find them the right home. Newton, the newest member of the family, was saved from Craigslist and brought to Pawmetto along with a sibling. Anyway, thanks for your support whether its a donation or joining my team! The crew appreciates it!


In case you're curious they offer discounted vaccines, a wellness program for cheaper vet care, a community cat program, a spay and neauter clinic, help build fences for families who can't afford it, and do a pet soup program to help families feed their pets. And those are just the ones off the top of my head!



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