Bark to the Park 2018


Arya Tails Waggin

The name of our team is "Arya Tails Waggin" because Arya is constantly happy and making everyone around her happy! We are hoping to support more tails "waggin" in more homes!

This past November, I was feeling down and out of luck on life. I had been contemplating the idea of getting a puppy on and off for months in the hopes that it would bring me out of my closed off world I had learned to live in.

I decided on day to go to Pawmetto LifeLine and saw my Arya (aka Jewels) - and it was love at first sight! Arya has been the blessing that I had been looking for! She loves going to Irmo Park, Rides in the Car, and the Lake Murry Dam! She has a 6 Old American Bull Dog House Mate named Zoey! They are inseparable!

There are so many amazing dogs and cats of all ages that need homes, and Arya was fortunate to go to a non-kill shelter. I hope that if you are able you will donate to my team and support Pawmetto Lifeline to help benefit homeless pets!

If you are unable to support the cause financially, I ask that you share this fund raiser to your friends, family and others. Sometimes making others aware is a bigger contributor than the money itself! Raising awareness is the Key! 



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