Bark to the Park 2018

Your lead Sooper Stah, Dori
Your lead Sooper Stah, Dori

Dori's Sooper Stahs

Hello Friends!

Welcome to the team page of Dori's Sooper Stahs for Bark to the Park 2018! Pawmetto Lifeline does some AMAZING things for homeless pets in our community here in the Midlands, and we want to help them do even more. Our fundraising goal is $1000, but we would love to exceed it!

Just in case you don't know who your team captains are, let me introduce you! I am Dori, lead Doggeh Sooperstah, but I wasn't always. You see, I used to be homeless, like several thousands of other pups out there. I found my way into a local shelter, and was luckily adopted by my awesome Mum, Lauren! My life is amazing now, and I live with four other doggie siblings, two of which were adopted from local shelters too. Pawmetto Lifeline even saved one of them, my big brother, Caesar! 

I hope you'll join our team, and help us reach our goal.

Be a Sooper Stah, and Help a Homeless Pet

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