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McDaniels Subaru's Bark to the Park 2019

Sally Maria, Timmy and Olive Noel
Sally Maria, Timmy and Olive Noel

Cold Nose Kids

Hello Everyone….It is that time of year (well everyday of the year is about rescue and saving those that cannot do things for themselves).

Please help me to help them…as anyone that really knows me, knows my heart when it comes to cold noses and paws.

These animals have been failed by humans due to no fault of their own. They need love, good vet care, a responsible furever home, life time commitment and frankly just a chance to live! This takes money!

Now come on and join me saving them right here in The Midlands, this is our backyard and we have so many animals in need due to neglect.

Please make a donation (Seriously a single $1.00, adds up and would be appreciated). Join my team and walk and fund raise.

This is the only time of year I ever ask for a donation…so please help the abandoned and neglected.

Thank you,
Sue and my rescued four-legged kids.

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